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SEO Experts

Drive traffic to your website from the free, organic, natural search results on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Our mission as SEO experts will be to rank your website as highly as possible for as many key search terms and locations.

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Our SEO Process:


In-depth Website Review


Discuss Our Findings


Implement SEO Strategy


Watch Rankings Increase

Frequently Asked Questions:
Why Ask Web Guru?

Our team of SEO gurus have been delivering SEO to local businesses across the UK since 2005, and we have developed a fantastic reputation.

We have a real passion and desire to help others succeed online and we are often seen as a safe pair of hands due to our ethical process, cost effectiveness and proven track record.

Other SEO agencies are not owner-operated and are driven by different values.

AWG are independently owned which opens up direct access to our team and ensures that our DNA remains strong within every single account.

Whether you are a client paying entry level fee’s or our highest investors you will all be treated the same.

How long will it take?

SEO should be seen as a long-term strategy however, we appreciate that companies can’t continue to invest good sums of money forever, without getting some tangible results and return on investment.

We work on the basis that we will show you clear signs of progression with search results each month for your investment.

How quickly or not this will take will be based on many things like if your website has any history or unknown to Google, whether you have any current ranking or authority within Google and how competitive the keywords and locations are for example.

Sometimes we have clients that see results within weeks whereas others can take months. The first 6 months is always going to start off slow however, the investments you make now will pay dividends in the future.

What are backlinks?

A basic explanation of this is that backlinks are links from higher authority websites back to yours.

Backlinks are important as they contribute to the website’s authority and how Google scores your website.

Generally we see websites that have strong authority (On the basis it has good content and technically sound) have a much better chance of ranking highly within Google and will see increased traffic via the organic search results.

The key thing though is that the backlinks you have must be from websites that are high in quality, relevant to your industry and have high authority themselves.

Always focus on quality backlinks not quantity.

What is your SEO process?

When you decide to instruct us as your SEO partner, we’ll have an initial meeting with you to fully understand your business, key objectives, targets, current marketing and more.

Our team will prioritise becoming familiar with your industry and customers through researching the market, competitors and keywords.

Once we’ve agreed on a monthly strategy we can get started straight away and report back to you within one month with what work has been done and progress made for months one investment.

What does SEO cost?

Having worked for some great agencies before we formed Ask Web Guru it was obvious to me that the best digital agencies were simply out of reach for local businesses due to the huge price tags (many not entertaining any budget under £1,500 per month) and the ones that businesses could afford were unethical and simply just sold sizzle, rarely delivering.

Being small shouldn’t mean having to settle for second best so we try to ensure that our service delivers the best results possible whilst not breaking the bank.

On average our clients invest £500 per month however, we have clients investing less and others more.

Before we can propose a fee, first we need to learn more about your business, what you are looking to achieve and more.

Please have a meeting with us and whether you join us or not you’ll have more knowledge about your current SEO status than before.


In today’s marketplace, every business needs to have a strong digital presence.

We work extremely hard to ensure our clients rank as highly as possible, as quickly as possible whilst only ever using ethical and long-lasting techniques.

Our team of SEO gurus have 15 years’ experience and proven track record in helping local businesses across the UK get web success for less.

As we partner with new start-ups to established SME’s we ensure our services are affordable and payable on a monthly basis.

No matter what industry you’re in, if your customers can’t find you online, your competitors will have the edge.

Unfortunately, top SEO agencies that can deliver solid results have been out of range for many small, local businesses – until now.

We have a passion for helping others succeed and we believe that being small shouldn’t mean having to settle for second-best.

In our experience, the companies that need the most help are those who don’t have access to the biggest budgets. This creates a vicious cycle which is impossible to escape. Although one of our clear aims is to be affordable for every business, we’re not inexperienced.

We have the know-how to put your business on the map.

For every client who uses our SEO services, we average three new client referrals. We understand the value of word-of-mouth recommendations, so we make sure we deliver an outstanding service and results every time.

Why should you make us your trusted SEO partner?

We Really Do Care

Proven Track Record

Fast Response

Transparent Reporting

Passion Like No Other

Flexible Plans

Excellent Value For Money

5 Star Rated

Highly Skilled

Personal Account Manager

Tailored Strategies

2.0% CTR

20% less CPA

500% ROI

Ask our SEO Guru for a free in-depth review.

Our team will spend time before you are a paying customer reviewing your current website and its performance.

We will not hide behind tech talk or try to confuse you; our feedback will be provided in a way that anyone and everyone can fully understand.

The review itself will of course include technical information however, we always leave a basic summary next to each highlighted area showing room for improvement.

The review itself will take approximately 45 minutes to put together so rest assure we will leave no stone unturned.


Help Us Help You!

We carefully select the clients that we work with, and we understand that every business is different. We have a very reasonable set of criteria that needs to be met for us to proceed in the process. Our ability to help facilitate success for local businesses is a focused process, and we value our own and our client’s time. We offer several different SEO packages, and our pricing is based on the requirements of each client.


Start Ups or SMEs with ambition.

We love to work with new start-ups and SMEs across the UK who have ambition. If the business understands that SEO is not a quick fix and results won’t happen overnight, then we are all for helping both new start-ups and SMEs get web success providing you have the funds and patience to do so.

Consistent customers and lead flow.

This means your business already has customers on a consistent and predictable basis. Your business is already up and running and you are already advertising, promoting, marketing, and selling your services or products. Basically, you are in business and are making money.

Good Product, Service and Reputation.

Everything we do together will help you increase your market reach and customer base. We prefer to work with companies that benefit and add value to the overall community and business marketplace. We pride ourselves on reputation and it’s important to us that our clients do to.

An Established Business.

This means that we work with businesses of all sizes. SEO strategies yield the best results when they are applied over a long period of time. SEO doesn’t work well when they are turned on and off based on cash flow or lack of patience issues. SEO is a long term marketing strategy.



SEO takes time but is well worth the investment. 

If you want to be on the top of page 1 tomorrow and your website is currently on page 10 of Google, then Ask Web Guru aren’t the agency for you. Depending on the competition for your desired search terms it could take a minimum of 3 – 6 months before you start seeing the improvements that you want to see. Some of our SEO clients that target local areas can and have seen results sooner however, we always ask that you accept worst the case scenario to begin with and be patient with us for best results and working relationship.

Ask Web Guru are your SEO partner.

We have multiple client SEO campaigns that we are working on simultaneously. Our team will send you updates, reports and new blog content to approve. Think of us as your silent partner that works behind the scenes to help your business grow. If you need to be in “control” and micromanage, then we are probably not the choice for you.

Scheduled Appointments & Deadlines.

Quite often in the beginning process of optimising a site, we will ask for several things. We will probably be asking for full admin access to your website as well approval of written blogs monthly. The faster you can approve the content, the sooner they can get optimised and put up on the site. If you or your staff don’t get us what we need in a timely manner, then it slows down an already slow process. We need to work efficiently for you to see the progress you crave.


If your business meets the criteria listed above and you are looking to get great results for your business in order to improve your online presence, then we will be happy to put together some time to review your current website and to discuss your goals with you.

Here is how the whole process works:

Please fill out the discovery form below.

The form simply allows us to get a better idea of what your business is all about. This allows our SEO team to better understand how we can get your business the best results. Once the form is submitted, we will provide a detailed audit of your website, discuss your goals, and put together a strategy to increase your client acquisition, sales, and overall market share. We will set up an initial discovery call to discuss everything that you submitted and how we can help you out. This process has helped all our clients grow their digital presence that ultimately ends with them having web success.

The initial call will most likely be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.